Startup Engagement

construct platforms to enable corporations to engage with rising startups that can push the envelope in terms of new technology and application
Great ideas are now open-sourced.

Open innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively. Rather than trying to create new products and businesses all internally, open innovation pushes corporations to engage, to collaborate, and to be challenged by other players in their environment.

In the new economy, companies will no longer be silos of value creation; rather companies will start leveraging their internal abilities and resources together with startups, freelancers and other companies to create platforms of value creation. Company as platform is the new corporate model.

Our Proposition

Through our Startup Engagement Program, we support corporations to connect with and evaluate up-and-coming startups in their fields in order to create areas of cooperation and synergies as well as explore the potential of these startups as innovation leverage for new markets.




  • Create a clear picture for what you can offer startups and build channels to interact with them
  • Get regular scouting reports for startups that fit your general objectives
  • Filter and Assess those startups, selecting a few for partnership development
  • Learn how to manage and support startup growth while leveraging synergies 
  • Rather than a haphazard collection of innovation initiatives, we have a clear direction and a roadmap to start implementing immediately.
    ― Innovation Manager, Ford Otosan ―