MVP Development

co-create new business ideas with companies, utilizing lean methodologies to validate those ideas and reach product-market fit
Cut through the red tape by outsourcing startup building.

Often times, given their size and resulting bureaucracy, corporations have difficulty matching the pace of innovation led by startups. Corporations are designed to execute on proven business models, not search for and validate new ones. We are here to give you the cheat codes. 

Our Proposition

Rather than just helping corporations develop ideas internally, we source, create and validate innovative new businesses in partnership with corporations, accelerating them as quickly as possible through the growing pains of startup to the point where they are poised for execution and growth.

First we help you identify a specific issue/opportunity affecting your company. Then we build an external team to test, validate and develop a solution. Once the solution is ready, your company will then take it over, transforming a startup into scale-up through the power of your resources, capabilities, capital and networks. This method has the potential to cut the cost of launching a new venture by a factor of 8 and the time involved by a factor of 4, compared with in-house innovation.



  • Generate solution ideas to specific needs within the company
  • Receive a full market-tested solution/business ready to scale via your company's resources
  • Rather than a haphazard collection of innovation initiatives, we have a clear direction and a roadmap to start implementing immediately.
    ― Innovation Manager, Ford Otosan ―