Innovation Strategy

implement a innovation management framework as a roadmap for exploring internal initiatives and external partnership opportunities in the ecosystem
Every corporations says that are doing innovation, but the failure rate of said innovation speaks for itself.

According to strategic consulting firm Growth Science, of 1000 corporate initiatives, 78% ceased to exist 7-10 years after initial funding.

The problem is that an organization’s capacity for innovation stems from an innovation system: a coherent set of interdependent processes and structures that dictates how the company searches for novel problems and solutions, synthesizes ideas into a business concept and product designs, and selects which projects get funded. A company without an innovation roadmap can’t create and choose all the elements of the innovation system, resulting in a haphazard approach to “finding the next big idea”.

Our Proposition

Together with your management team, we will help you create your own innovation framework and roadmap based on current market dynamics, choose your company's innovation focus areas, and design an ecosystem framework that fits your company’s future vision.

An innovation system is about managing a portfolio of initiatives, from current efficiency improvements to next leaps forwards to radical future bets. Start putting the pieces of your roadmap together so you can start doing innovation the right way.



  • Examine tools to understand the market and hints of future trends
  • Decide on innovation focus areas that will move your company forward
  • Create an ecosystem framework around a focus area
  • Map out an innovation portfolio based on the horizon principles
  • Learn different methods to start implementing your roadmap, internally & externally
  • Rather than a haphazard collection of innovation initiatives, we have a clear direction and a roadmap to start implementing immediately.
    ― Innovation Manager, Ford Otosan ―